I made this blog last year, when the amazing example set by a friend inspired me to write more often. In a twist of life-sized irony, I quickly realized I had nothing to say on this shiny new platform of mine. I did briefly toy around with the idea of writing a blog about the fact that I had nothing to say, but my inner judge quickly deemed it too juvenile. Then I thought about how I pride myself on being able to find the epic hidden withing the everyday, and my inner procrastinator took the wheel. I decided to wait until the next day, when I’d have at least one more 24 hour period of life experience to spin into a dazzling inaugural tale.

For the next two weeks, every day I would think to myself “Today’s the day. Tonight I will sit down and make verbal gold out of the haystack that is my day to day.” But that inspiration never came, and soon enough, the shame of an empty blog faded from my mind and life went on. And on and on, like a rabbit on acid chasing a carrot with wings. My haystack of experiences suddenly gilded itself with major life events- the loss of my closest grandparent, The first of the cousins getting married, the first time ever I got so drunk I woke up hungover, getting serious rushes of excitement at wildly inappropriate times because I LOVE.MY.JOB. All these and more bombarded me in the eight months (there was a new years’ in between there somewhere) that followed creation and I still never started my blog. I actually forgot about it outright, and whenever I did actually remember, it was always “Today’s not a good day.”

Then yesterday happened. Yesterday in class, we all sat through a workshop on how to create a blog of our own, and I remembered m own neglected outlet. I resolved to start uploading images of my art, so at least I’d have something attached to this platform attached to my name, but again time got away from me and after I forgot about my blog, life experience fell down on me like a hailstorm. So I woke up early, walked to class and sat down at my laptop and without even thinking about it, decided that today was the day.

Today will be a good day. I know this, because today I choose to walk with God, and turn to him in prayer when the crazy things in life keep me awake at one in the morning (like drunken coworkers, or students partying next door). Today will be a good day, because while I get caught up in worrying for my friends in Venezuela, trying to keep up with full-time school during all-the-time work, and somehow managing to keep my friends in my life, I know that God is right beside me, ready for me to look over and say ‘Never mind- today is the day for your grace to shine to others through me. Today I choose simply to remain assured in your plan, and extend your love and grace to others.’ Come what may, inspirational life experience or no, there will be blog. 


Today will be a good day, which makes it a great day to start. And just so I stay relatively true to my word, here’s a picture of a box I just finished for a birthday gift. 



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